About Us

L.O.V. Marketing Agency, LLC is a Veteran, woman and Minority owned Company, with over 26 years of successful Advertising and Marketing experience.  As Military Veterans, we are driven to the fulfillment of our Vision, Mission and Business Statements. We believe in integrity, openess, honesty, and responsibility, and on these Morals, we will not compromise. Our dedication to providing the right support is a key element to our building strong, long-lasting relationships and partnerships.

Meet the Team

Donna Hickson Owner
Charles Eric Hickson Web Master
Andrea Betton Business Strategist,Developer

Donna Hickson,

CDR, USNR-Retired, MBA

CEO, CMS, Owner

24 years of Advertising and digital marketing experience.

C. Eric Hickson,

SFC, USA-Retired, MA

Web Master, Designer

Andrea  Betton

BSB in Entreprenuership, VCU

Business Strategist, Content writer,


Lyric L.O.V_


Boss Baby

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