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About Us

L.O.V. Marketing Agency, LLC is a Veteran, woman and Minority owned Company, with over Two decades of successful Advertising and Marketing experience.  As Military Veterans, we are driven to the fulfillment of our Vision, Mission and Business Statements. We believe in integrity, openness, honesty, and responsibility, and on these Morals, we will not compromise. Our dedication to providing the right support is a key element to our building strong, long-lasting relationships and partnerships.

A question many potential clients ask is, "what persuaded you to start your own  company?"  

Here is the answer:  It was January 2, 2020, just before a period of time now called "COVID-19".  I woke up from a dream, I was writing my resignation letter from my "JOB".  I saw the dream as a sign from God as a way to alleviate stress from a toxic environment.  Like a dutiful Christian, I walked into work, sat at my desk and proceeded to comply with God's order.  When I handed in my resignation letter, my departing salutation was, "you are not part of my 2020 plan, effective immediately."  I stated before regarding long established client relationships.  That being said, when I was contacted by my clients, I informed them of my decision, their responses were "what about me?" and "take me with you."  My company anniversary date is January 10, 2020. 

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Donna Hickson,

CDR, USNR-Retired, MBA

CEO, CMS, Owner

26 years of Advertising and digital marketing experience.

Meet the Team

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C. Eric Hickson,

SFC, USA-Retired, MA

Web Master, Designer, Video developer

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Boss Baby

Andrea  Betton

BSB in Entreprenuership, VCU

Business Strategist, Content writer,


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