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A Business owner might think it would be easier or cheaper to create their own website through one of those do-it-yourself sites.   Unless one has a thorough understanding of how the internet works, what is appealing to the eye of the consumer, and where to find their customers; we suggest hiring a professional.  Business owners spend wasted hours on something that may not work and less time doing what they love and making money.


Based on a Blog published by ECPI.EDU, “When a business has a well-designed website, it becomes easier to get more customer conversions. This is because a well-designed website uses its elements to lead customers directly to what they need without distractions. It also inspires confidence that any transactions that take place on the site will be secure and private.”


In addition, a well-designed website can help you make a good impression on your potential customers. It can also help you foster your leads to create more opportunity to turn that lead into a client. But, more importantly, it provides a good user experience and helps your website visitors access and navigate your website with ease.


According to, 75% Of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone.


With L.O.V’s web design services, we can create your vision and because of the improved appearance of the website, your customers will have a favorable first impression and have more faith in the business that is behind the page. This means that you will attract a greater number of customers who are open to conducting business with you. Your website will also achieve a higher ranking in the search engines, which again will result in an increased number of people being able to locate you. You must look for reviews, portfolios, and testimonials when hiring a digital web development marketing agency located in Suffolk, Virginia.

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